Bellville Primary School is excited to inform you that we have joined “We benefit”. “We benefit” is an online shopping platform that is designed to offer you excellent prices, to generate an additional source of income for the school and to reduce your child’s school fees.

     A large variety of products such as stationery, cleaning products, food, clothes and all household and office equipment (fridges, TV’s, computers, etc.) of well-known brand-names can be bought online at good prices. Your purchases are delivered at home or at the office at no extra cost.

     The suppliers of the products have made an arrangement to pay ± 15% of their profit to the school towards your child’s school fees. In other words, with each purchase it is a source of income for the school and it reduces your child’s school fees at no extra cost for you.

     You can even ask family members and businesses to join “We benefit” and to make our school and your child the beneficiaries. Therefore their purchases will also be beneficial for the school and your child. It is free to join “We benefit”. You are also welcome to compare the prices to those currently in the market.

     Visit their website at www.webenefit.co.za for information.


    Download WeBenefit.pdf (PDF, 288KB)

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