Wayde van Niekerk

  • On Monday, 17 October, the City of Cape Town staged a parade in honour of the Western Cape-based Rio Olympic and Paralympic medallists, with Wayde van Niekerk one of the athletes in attendance. Learners from Bellville Primary were invited to attend this special event.

    Van Niekerk Stadium


    What an incredible day when Wayde van Niekerk, former student at Bellville Primary, shattered the 400m world record at the Olympic Games.  The staff members and learners watched the win in the hall and suddenly we were descended upon by the media.  Wayde, we as Bellville Primary School are very proud of this tremendous achievement and we wish you all the best for the future.  You took our motto, “Where children become winners” to the highest level.  May your life be an inspiration to many learners at Bellville Primary, now and in the future.  We salute you!


    Former pupil – and now record-breaking Olympian – Wayde van Niekerk. See full article & video here >> http://www.news24.com/Video/Sport/watch-reaction-from-kids-at-wayde-van-niekerks-former-school-20160815

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    Geluk Wayde

    All 608 pupils packed into the Bellville school’s hall on Monday to watch their hero break the 400m world record in 43.03 seconds in Rio.

    Wayde idolised at old school – The daily voice – Read full article here

    Cape Town 15/08/2016 Principal Danie Bester of Bellville Primary in Bellville points to the name of Wayde as a sports achiever pix Patrick story Saafia