• There will again be several fund-raising attempts to keep the school fees affordable. Currently all fund-raising events are organised by the staff and SGB which adds great strain to the staff. You as parent/guardian is kindly invited to make yourself available, if possible, to be involved in these fund-raisers. You are welcome to contact the school to make yourself available.

     Fund-raising events for 2019 :

    •     Talent evening
    • ­    Gala evening
    • ­    Spelling marathon
    • ­    Fun day
    • ­    Class sales
    • ­    Games days
    • ­    Civvy days ; etc.

     We are requesting our parents’ co-operation and support to make a success of these fund-raisers. Every cent that is collected, is used to the benefit of our learners. Thanking you in advance for your contributions and support.






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