Our Symbols

  • The School Badge:

    The badge was originally designed by the first principal, Mrs A.M. Spies. Once the school became a primary school, the design was referred to Dr. Pama. He changed it to its present form so that it would be heraldically correct. On the original badge, the letters P.S. appeared alongside the word Bellville.

    The symbolism of the three bells is adopted from the Bellville city coat of arms. This can be traced back to the family crest of Charles Davidson Bell, after whom the City of Bellville is named.

    Our motto: PREPARED

    The School Song:

    Where Tygerberg’s green hills in sunlight stand

    In this dear corner of our southern land.
    Where turtle doves in poplar trees still call,
    Where pheasants stir in grasses thick and tall,
    There our happy song sounds bright and clear:
    Bellville Primary, Bellville Primary!

    To you we shall be faithful still
    To you be true in heart and soul and will.
    We shall wear with pride your red and grey
    In our work and in our rest and play
    And we’ll pray to God for blessings each day.

    Be prepared is our clarion call,
    Bellville Primary is the best of all.
    Here we shall work for nation and for land,
    Here we’ll give to others a friendly hand.
    To be prepared in heart and soul –
    That is our highest goal!!

    (Words H.J.R. Hamman / Composer: E.M. Conradie)