Chairperson’s corner

  • theresa2 My family history is diverse.  My dad   is an Afrikaner who’s descendants arrived with the British Settlers.  My mom is a Colored. My Parents met while living in District 6 and  when the Group Areas Act moved people of color out of District 6, my mom had to be classed as ‘white’ in order for my parent’s to be married.  Despite these challenges, they taught my sister and I where we came from.  There was never any shame attached to being who we are and where we came from. So, if you can imagine…  I was going to school behind the ‘boerwors gordyn’  and weekends we were visiting with our family, some on the Cape Flats and some in Brackenfell.  This is who I am, I am ME.

    I can ‘sakkie sakkie’ and I can jazz.  I equally enjoy the rys, vleis, aartappels and touch rugby, Sunday lunches with my dad’s family and the big ‘krismis’ Sunday lunches with all the trimmings with my mom’s family.  And when the family visited with us on a Sunday, my dad would braai and my mom would make the curry, roast chicken and veg.
    Nobody’s complaining…

    I am a mommy of two, both my son and daughter attends Bellville Primary School.  I am a very involved mom to nauseating levels some times.  But PLEASE, somebody point me toward the text book that’s supposed to teach me how to Parent. Like everybody else, I try to do the best I can.  I learn from the mistakes and failures and I don’t give up.

    I have been serving on the SGB since 2010.  The last two years has been in the role of Chairperson of the SGB.  I take this role seriously and I am passionate about Bellville Primary.  I am so privileged and honored to be associated with Bellville Primary.  The
    teachers are dedicated and the learners try their best, despite their various socio-economic situations they are dealing with.  Therefore, I commit to ensure that the SGB will do thorough investigations and research to make the decisions which is in the best interest of our learners.

    Kind regards
    Theresa van Niekerk