• Aftercare – Bellville Primary School


    The highest priority of the Aftercare is the welfare and safety of your child/ren , from 12:45 – 17:30. We also provide a study hour from Monday to Thursday.

    If you need or want to make use of this facility, contact Mrs Pieters, head of the Aftercare, between 12:15 and 17:30, or the receptionist of the school.

    We, however, call on our Aftercare parents to acquaint yourself with the information of the Aftercare Policy as you will be requested to endorse it when you enroll  you child/ren for After School Care.

    The use of this facility at our school should be regarded as a privilege. Therefore, fees are payable monthly strictly in advance on or before the 7th of each month. We have a full-day fee of R650 pm for 2019.  Any other arrangement may be discussed with the Head of Aftercare.




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