Ons is trots om te sê dat die akademie in Laerskool Bellville altyd die hoogste prioriteit is.

    We are very proud of the quality education offered at our school. We are fortunate to have enthusiastic, hard-working educators who are prepared to give their very best to make winners of our children.

    The implementing of CAPS has already been thoroughly established in all the grades and we are working incessantly on evaluating the curriculum, as well as the assessment tasks and refining them to suit the needs of the learners of Bellville Primary School.


    Laerskool Bellville bied ‘n uitgebreide intervensieprogram aan leerders wat meer ondersteuning benodig.

    It is with pride that we can inform you that our intervention systems and the results that we receive using them, are highly acclaimed in the education circle.  The unique needs of our learners forced us to institute several support systems.  With the permission and approval of our Governing body, assistance from outside institutions and individual people, Bellville Primary can now announce with pride that we received  the status of a Full Service school in 2016.

    The following services and support are available for our learners who need support or enrichment.

    Leerondersteuningsopvoeders :

    -Mev. C de Ridder

    Taal en Wiskunde Ondersteuning (Gr. 1 – 3): Mev. R. Muller

    Klasassistente :

    -Me. J Havenga / I. Lindveldt (Gr. R)

    -Mev. S Havenga (Gr. 1)

    -Me. Taylor (Gr. 2)

    -Me. D. Paulse (Gr. 3)

    -Mev. A Adams (Gr. 4)

    -Me. C. Swart (Gr. 5)

    Taaloorbrugging (Gr. 1 – 3): Mev. A Bezuidenhout

    Taaloorbrugging (Gr. 4 – 7) : G. de Villiers /A. Adams / E. Jonker

    Help2Read program : Buite span (Gr. 1-3)

    Spraak en gehoor : Studente (Gr. 1-3)

    Emosionele kwessies : Mev. E van Eeden (Gr. 1-7)

    Rekenaar : Mev. G de Villiers (Gr. R-7)

    Vaardigheidsklasse : J. Kilian / R. Muller

    Verrykingsklasse : E. Petersen

    Wiskunde ekstraklasse :

    -Mev. M Van der Merwe

    -Mev. C Prinsloo

    -Mev. E Jonker

    -Mev. A McKinnon

    -Mnr. A Scheffers

    -Mev. J Kilian

    -Mej. E Petersen

    -Mev. M Carolus

    -Mev. S van Lill

    Spelterapie : Mev. E van Eeden

    Leesklub :

    -Mev. G. de Villiers


    Elke klaskamer is in 2014 met ‘n rekenaar en projektor toegerus. Die internet word gebruik om die lesse te ondersteun en dra by tot kwaliteit van onderrig.


    Thank you to all our parents who support the educators to ensure success. Without your co-operation our task to help our learners to reach their full potential becomes very difficult. Some of our learners need more support than others. The support of these learners’ parents is crucial. It is imperative for these parents to assist their children on a daily basis to consolidate the work that was taught in class. We call on all our parents to encourage their children to work conscientiously throughout the year. Spend time with them to discuss what they do and learn at school. Show interest in their progress and support them when necessary. Do not accept it if your child never has homework to do. Contact the school if this is the case.


    Our school was very fortunate to be chosen to implement this project which is funded by Capespan.  The aim of this project is to teach our learners to think at eight different cognitive levels by using eight different thinking maps.  Parents who show interest in their children’s academics, have most probably heard about or seen these maps.  The staff attended a workshop which was presented by Dr L. Benjamin and Mr S. Jacobs of Thinking SchoolsSouth Africa in the third term.  They are very enthusiastic about the project and believe that it will definitely have a positive effect on our learners’ achievement in future.



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